NGLTech advanced part solutions offer full manufacturing capability of high quality engineered parts, material upgrades and redesign of components that improve equipment reliability and availability.

  • 6 axis coordinate measurement machines, including laser scanners

  • Worldwide network of casting facilities

  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing

  • Application of super duplex steels (UNS S32760),  HVOF spray,  fusion bonded epoxy and erosion/corrosion resistance coatings

  • Enhance efficiency and improve performance (upgrade/re-rate)

  • Life extension of critical rotating equipment

  • Modify the hydraulic performance to new requirements

  • Reduce operational expenditure and lead time

  • Material upgrades to extend component life

  • On-site scanning of sample parts, either from stores or equipment being repaired

  • 3D models of components for manufacture, computational fluid dynamics and casting simulation

  • Analysis of plant operating problems

  • State-of-the-art laser scanning technology

  • Unstage and stage

Reblading Blade Wheel Turbine
Reblading Rotor Turbine Expander

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