NGLTech’s expertise and OEM experience in aerodynamics, rotor-dynamics, mechanical design and materials technology are all designed to minimize operational cost, extend product life and increase efficiency.

  • On-site troubleshooting:  in-site balancing or identification of areas of concern

  • Re-rate services:  up-rate or de-rate

  • Downtime reduction

  • Quantification of manpower needs to reduce downtime

  • Reliable alternative for OEM

  • Aerodynamic and thermodynamic assessments

  • Material development

  • Complete upgrade and re-rate of existing compressor trains including drive equipment

  • Site overhauls including bundle changes and dry gas seal replacement

  • Bundle and rotor workshop overhauls

  • Replacement of wet gear couplings with modern flexible element alternatives

  • On-site complete refurbish and retrofit of gas compressor stations

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