NGLTech delivers high quality services for steam turbines and provides a onestop-solution for manufacturing, overhaul, repairs, upgrades, re-rate and spare parts supply. All designs are engineered to minimize operational cost, extend product life and increase efficiency.

  • Increase equipment efficiency

  • End-to-end assessment of operational issues

  • Improve equipment reliability and availability

  • Reengineering for obsolete and non OEM supported spare parts

  • Repair and service capability for steam turbines and supplementary products-gearboxes, power recovery turbines, blowers, fans, pumps and ancillary equipment

  • Controlling systems upgrades/retrofits

  • Dynamics and structural analysis of equipment and parts

  • Field service support

  • High customization upgrade and re/de-rates in response to changes in operating conditions

  • Precision spare part manufacturing

  • Condition and residual life assessments

  • Machine Monitoring System (MMS)

  • Energy audits for ensuring optimal performance of assets

  • Balancing

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