As an OEM and service provider of critical equipment, NGLTech is able to support our customers with equipment upgrades and re-rates. Our technical capability increases operational efficiency and extends the life of products while reducing corrosion and erosion. NGLTech’s capabilities provide cost reduction throughout the life of equipment.

Case Study 1:  Split Casing Multi-stage Pump High Erosion

The Challange
  • Sand/erosion issues: pumping produced water 77ºC with formation sand particles

  • Service life typically 6-8 months

  • Impellers–Zeron 100 heavy erosion

The Solution
  • Material enhancement to prevent wear, corrosion and failure

  • Shaft drive-polygon bore

  • Impellers-solid stellite

  • Casing wear ring carriers:

    • Adjacent carriers combined
    • Anti swirl vanes incorporated
    • Locations to casing reduced
    • Sealed to casing
The Result
  • After 10 months operation wear was negligible

  • No sudden failures have been registered

Case Study 2 :  Sea Water Lift High Flow Re-rate

The Challange
  • Improve existing reliability and performance by design

  • Resizing of impeller diameters to satisfy target duty

The Solution
  • Fundamental design verification of load ratings of components based on Finite Elements Analysis (FEA)

The Result
  • Flow and head increase by 40% and 20% respectively

  • Impeller dimension increase 35mm

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